co·alo [ko·a·lo]

Here at the farm we bring together a copious variety of backgrounds, beliefs, opinions and facial hair. But the one thing that we all share in common is the desire to provide local communities and eventually the world with a fresh, healthy and sustainable source of protein. Coalo means I nourish and feed together, we all know that this applies to every creature on this beautiful planet. That is how Coalo Valley Farms was born.


Coalo Valley Farms is California’s first urban cricket farm. Built from the ground up by New England born Colby College alumi Elliot and Peter, along with California native and UCLA alumnus, Matt; Coalo Valley Farms is helping lead the protein revolution into the next millennium. Here on the farm, we all believe that alternative protein sources must be developed to ensure the environmental and nutritional well-being of generations to come.


Our team is dedicated to providing the world-wide community with an affordable, high-grade cricket protein powder. Our passions lie in striving to have the happiest crickets, consumers and planet that we inhabit. Therein lies our motto: Fresh. Healthy. Sustainable.


Through transparency, reliability, and adaptation, we will set ourselves apart from other alternative protein sources. In this ever-changing world, we realize that only through hard-work will we be able to make a positive change. Our nutrient-rich, extremely water sustainable, and human friendly diet ensures our consumers satisfaction in health and taste, all while helping preserve the essential natural resources we find dwindling.


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